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    • how to use coloured hair

      How to use on…

      Colour treated hair

      Like fine hair, colour treated hair can be prone to breaking. Use your Scaredoo® with long, smooth strokes to de-tangle after shampooing, preventing hair damage and split ends. Use the paddle side to style.

    • how to use kids hair

      How to use on…

      Kids hair

      Much like fine hair, kids hair can be easily damaged by rough brushing. It is also quick to tangle. Use Scaredoo® for quick, fuss-free knot-eliminating. No trauma or tears!

    • how to use curly hair

      How to use on…

      Curly hair/afro hair

      Use your Scaredoo® before shampooing to ease the matting of your curls. After shampooing and towel-drying, gently run your Scaredoo® over your hair in small sections for a quick tangle-free finish.

    • how to use long hair

      How to use on…

      Long hair/extensions

      Our three-tier bristle system will glide through long hair and will fold over the bonding on extensions. Use the de-tangle brush to remove knots and the paddle brush for styling.

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