The New Scaredoo All in One Professional Detangling Hairbrush

Hello and welcome to Scaredoo world.

I think most people have heard of the tangle teezer hair brush. Ok, so now there’s a brand new and unique detangling hair brush on the market called “Scaredoo” 2 in 1 professional hair care brush. Not only does it detangle your hair without damaging and pulling at it but it also has another built in paddle brush located on the flip side of the brush head to then style your hair just as you like it. You will find that your hair will be in a far better condition with continued use too, softer and shinier. Scaredoo can be used on wet or dry hair and also all hair types which are shown at the “how to use” section on the home page.

They come in 5 great looking colour combinations to suit all tastes, these can be seen on the websites photo’s. It fit’s comfortably into any size hand, left or right and also has a textured coating around the edge of the unit to prevent slipping in the hand when brushing. Its easy to clean too, just flip out the brush head from the unit and clean with warm water, simple!

We are hoping to add more colours to the range soon and your comments and suggestions at the website will be welcomed by our development team and free brushes given out for the best ideas too.

I hope to come back soon with some reviews and customer comments and we will also be running a competition for the best youtube clip with your Scaredoo’s of course and hope to feature these at our website which will be seen worldwide.

Best regards,