Your ScareDoo

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When you first use your Scaredoo you won’t believe how it untangles your hair so quickly and easily without the stress and pulling to your hair. This is due to the unique and patent pending 3 heights of bristles made from a blend of space age technology materials which gives it the flexibility to bend. It’s perfectly built to deal with those knots but also has ‘memory bristle’s’ that spring back into their original position.

As you can see from the photo’s, the Scaredoo does not have a handle like traditional hairbrushes but an ergonomically designed hand grip instead which is more comfortable and easier to use to brush your hair no matter what size hand, adult or child, it fits! The whole process of brushing and styling your hair from start to finish suddenly becomes easier and less of a chore, with no pulling or stress damage to your hair.

This all adds up to smoother, shinier, better conditioned hair, every time with Scaredoo.

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